Monday, April 21, 2014

A Great Weekend

My husband and I both had this past weekend off so we made a ton of plans.  With my job, I never know when that will happen again. 

On Saturday we had plans to go to an Easter egg hunt that also had free pony rides and a little petting zoo.  Paige took a monster nap so we didn't quite make it to the Easter egg hunt...not that she would have been able to do too much since she is still so little.  We took her in the petting zoo area and we expected her to get sooo excited because she loves animals and has no fear of anything....  but she decided to have a shy day. LOL!  She gets into these bashful moments and its so cute!  She will grab onto our legs and hide her face.  We also didn't get to do the pony ride because they said she was too small. Boo!!  But we still had fun looking at all of the animals!

Easter Sunday was spent with our family.  My mom always has a lunch meal around 11 so we can see my husband's family for dinner.  She was so good all day and got sooo much stuff!!

She really made out!!  And we still haven't gone to see Pap Pap so there will be more tomorrow.

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