Monday, September 8, 2014

Style Icon: Olivia Wilde

Almost two months ago I did a Style Icon: Jessica Alba post, and I wanted to keep going with some of my other favorites.  This time I am focusing on Olivia Wilde.  My style is a mix of tom boyish with a little bit of girly girl on special occasions, which is probably why I love her style so much.

Olivia Wilde's casual style is just that, casual.  She pairs a graphic tee with a leather jacket and calls it a day....while still looking awesome!  

Another thing I noticed about her style is that she doesn't wear much jewelry.  She lets the outfits speak for themselves.  Next, are my favorite casual/dressy styles that I've seen.

And of course, there is always her amazing dress picks for the award shows.  This is where she really shines and transforms into the girly girl.  I think she looks amazing and I LOVE every single one of these dresses.

 What do you think of Olivia Wilde's style?  Who are a few of your "style icons"?

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  1. She is someone I always have a hard time picking out in a role/at awards shows ....she is always changing her look ... so I can't tell it's her! LOL!!!!

    1. That's so true!! I saw her on a commercial and almost didn't know it was her! She had blonde hair and looked SO different!

  2. Love her style and how she mixes casual so well :D

  3. Wow!! I don't know much about Olivia Wilde, nor could I even tell you anything she's been in but I'm loving her style! Both her casual and dressed up style is stunning! Something to inspire you indeed!

  4. Love her style, especially her red carpet looks!

  5. I am loving these "style icon" series! I'm rather out of the loop with celebs, but I love the style inspiration that they provide!
    I think my favorite is the first red carpet look on the left :)

  6. that's my favorite one too! So pretty! I'm pretty out of the loop with celebrities nowadays too. I just saw my very first movie with Jennifer Lawrence in it a couple days ago and she is the big "it" girl right now. haha