Thursday, January 15, 2015

House tour {Dining Room}

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I'm going to be honest with you...this is NOT what our dining room usually looks like.  It ends up being the place where we throw all of our coats, bags, anything!  I WISH  I could keep our dining room looking like this.

But I would have to say that I think it is a huge upgrade compared to what it looked like when we first moved in...

This sign is in the entry way that connects the living room to the dining room.  I love this phrase and I feel like it describes how we are as a family very well.

I would love to update our chandelier one day.  It's a little old fashion looking for my tastes, but I don't even know what to look for in a new I guess for now this one works.

 I use the build-in cabinet to display all of our wedding memorabilia.  I've been thinking about changing around this cabinet a bit but never got around to it.

And just to keep it real on this blog, this is what my table usually looks like throughout the week.  We use it as a "catch-all" for just about everything.  It's bad.   Yep, that's a little embarrassing...

 I need some good organization solutions.  Any thoughts??

and just in case you missed my previous House tour post you can find it here, Master Bedroom

Also, if you have been around my blog for awhile, then you may have noticed some changes around here.  Ashley from The Grits Blog is an amazing blog designer and completely redid my entire blog.  She even installs it all for you so you don't have to stress about anything.  Take a look around and let me know how you like it!


  1. I love the new look of your blog! Such gorgeous colours.

  2. I noticed the new look immediately and it looks great! I really like your dining room table, too!

    For organizational tips - which I'm no expert - but I try to have a place for everything right when we come in the door. Our garage is right off the kitchen so I have hooks for our keys, a place for my purse and his briefcase, hooks for our coats, etc. Not that ours doesn't end up looking exactly like that sometimes, but it does help with the matter. David likes to have everything out and he likes to keep EVERYTHING but I have a "bucket" {that's not really the right word...} right next to where our keys are hung to keep all his junk in. It's things like change, giftcards, the extra garage door opener, pens... that kinda stuff. And every once in a while I go through and toss stuff that we don't need or put it away. That seems to help with the STUFF EVERYWHERE issue.

  3. I think that is our problem. As soon as you walk into our house you are in our living room/dining room. There isn't a closet or anything to stash our stuff in, and unfortunately there isn't even room to put coat hangers or anything. Oh the joys of a small house. lol! Maybe eventually I will clean out that cabinet with our wedding stuff and use it to store some of our stuff in nice baskets or something...? ehh...who knows

  4. Thanks so much! Ashley did an amazing job

  5. I love your built ins so much! Though a new home has less issues, it's so hard to build in character like that. It's pretty darn expensive! I love your idea of putting baskets in the built ins. Not on all the shelves, but maybe just on the bottom? Also maybe a coat rack in the corner? I've also seen some neat benches with storage space under neath. It does look kinda tight in there though. Maybe it would be better used as a crash pad! We have a table and chairs, but since we don't often eat at them, they stay in the basement and we bring them up whenever we have company. They're nice so I keep them well protected in the basement, but it just seems silly to have them taking up necessary space.

  6. I like your new blog header! The colors are so pretty :)
    Also your dining room is so nice. I remember when I lived with my parents at their old house our dining table was such a mess... Everyone always put their junk down there! It looked nice when we cleaned it but it didn't stay neat for long πŸ˜‚


  7. Yeah, I've seen those coat racks with build in benches, and I absolutely love the way they look, but unfortunately we wouldn't have enough room for it. I would love to have one of those. Built ins are so great, especially if you have a small space. We have another built-in cabinet in the living room.

  8. Thanks so much! I definitely love the way it came out. She did such a great job. And yes! We have that exact problem at our house. It will take me an hour to clean it off and then 5 minutes for it to get messy again. lol! Really frustrating! If it wasn't the first thing you see when you walk in my house I probably wouldn't mind so much, but it looks bad.

  9. I love that chandelier! I think it works with the more modern feel of the room to add a little kitsch to it. Have you tried Construction Junction? They may have something you'll like!

  10. Yeah, it's not terrible....that's why I think I haven't changed it yet. I don't love it but I can tolerate it and it works. lol! I will definitely have to check out Construction Junction, thanks!