Monday, January 6, 2014

I finally did it!!

For the past couple years I have had people telling me that I should start a website to try to sell my art.  I've made every excuse in the world not to try; no one has money for art, my stuff isn't good enough, i don't have time, etc.  Well,  I am FINALLY giving it a shot!

I am going to be using this site to update everyone on what I am working on.  I will also be posting progress pictures so you can see the paintings come to life step by step.  

There is also a link on the top bar that will take you straight to my Etsy page where I am selling my art.  I don't have too much up right now but I am in the process of taking good photos/scans of my work to share with everyone.  I will keep you posted as to when I will have more up.  For now it's a work in progress.

Here is a little teaser of some of the art I will have for sale in my shop....

Thank you to everyone for your support!  It means the world to me <3