Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sin City - Jessica Alba

How many of you have seen the movie Sin City or read the comics??  If you have then you have heard of little Nancy Callahan.  Jessica Alba plays her in the movie.  

It's a really gritty type of movie that is not for everyone but I'm a comic book nerd so I loved it.  I loved that they kept the whole theme and look of the movie as if it came out of a comic.  

Anyway,  I decided to paint one of the scenes from the movie...  
for sale on my Etsy page

What do you think??


  1. Loveeeeeee it!! I wanted to ask you about the sizes/prices on your creations on ETSY ... I see the price differences, but I don't see the sizes listed?

  2. Hi Julie!! The original is 16x20 and the print is an 8x10. =) I think you have to actually click on the item listing and it says under the details.

  3. Awesome ... thanks for the info ... :)