Sunday, February 9, 2014

Zoey the cat

Zoey the Siamese cat is my face #10 for the 29 Faces Challenge.  My friend lost her kitty and I wanted to make something for her to remember her little fur baby with.  I did this one using colored pencil.


  1. Hi Julie, I found you through Artists Play Room - so glad I did, (a) for your wonderful artworks and (b) because you are doing the 29 Faces challenge as I am.
    Have looked right back through everything and am stunned by your talent. I love colour pencil drawings and your drawing of Zoey is perfect.
    Loved all the 'faces', especially the John Travolta. And if your drawing of the girl and man is a 'quick sketch' then I look forward to seeing the ones that take a long time!
    Hope the first day back at work went, and continues to go, very well. I remember that feeling.

  2. A beautiful drawing, it looks so lifelike!

  3. What a lovely gift for your friend - it's a perfect likeness! Beautiful drawing!

  4. Thanks so much everyone!! Can't wait to see what you've created today/this week! Stopping by to check out all of your pages now to share the love!