Monday, March 3, 2014

A lazy day with my loves and Changes

Yesterday we got hit with a snow storm so we decided to stay home in our pjs, watch Disney movies and snuggle under a warm blanket with hot chocolate.  It was the first time in a long time that my hubby and I both had the weekend off and absolutely NO PLANS!  That never happens!  It was nice to just relax at home and take it easy.  I even had a little time to organize my closet!   Although, I didn't get too far... I get distracted way too easily! haha!
I also have been completely obsessed with Pinterest!  It seems like I have mostly been pinning a lot of fashion/outfit pins.  I have always really loved fashion so maybe sometime soon I will start doing some outfit posts!

I was talking to my husband about this blog and how I wanted to use it to try to sell/promote my art but now I think that I am going to use it for more of a little bit of everything: life, baby, fashion, art, diy crafts, a little bit of everything.  I am not giving up on trying to sell my artwork.  I am planning on creating a professional website for just my art.  Good thing I married a web designer ;-)  I am going to be renaming this blog to a more appropriate name since it won't just be my art anymore....and saving the Artwork by JM name for my professional page.  Any ideas on a new name??   That's always the hardest part....


  1. Ugh ... naming a blog is always soooooooooo hard!! I loveeeeeeeee that sweet photo!!!!

  2. Luuuve pinterest! I will look for you on there. What is your link? Your family is adorable , and I am so glad you are here blogging! Both with your artwork and daily life.

  3. Thanks so much ladies! My Pinterest link is: