Thursday, December 4, 2014

90 Stocking stuffer ideas for him

I'm pretty sure men are the hardest people to take care of on your holiday shopping list.  Don't you think??  Whether it's your dad, husband, brother, etc.  It can be difficult figuring out something to get them.  

I brainstormed a little bit, and came up with 90 different stocking stuffer ideas!  It took me quite a while to come up with this list, and I tried to include various hobbies/types of things in my list.  Let me know what you think!

  • canned nuts
  • gift card
  • golf balls/tees
  • guitar picks
  • drum sticks
  • guitar strings
  • ear buds
  • drill bits
  • leveler/sanding block
  • beef jerky
  • candy
  • deck of cards
  • tie
  • socks
  • underwear
  • pocket knife
  • armour all wipes
  • car air freshener
  • car ice scraper
  • tire gauge
  • mini flashlight
  • grill brush
  • bbq/hot sauce
  • tape measure
  • stud finder
  • duct tape
  • power strip
  • flash drive
  • memory card
  • batteries
  • video game
  • movie tickets
  • DVDs
  • gloves
  • scarf
  • wallet
  • money clip
  • belt
  • belt buckle
  • cufflinks
  • pocketwatch
  • bandanas
  • undershirts
  • shoelaces
  • cologne
  • shaving creme
  • razors
  • chapstick
  • comb
  • body wash
  • loofah
  • shampoo
  • deodorant
  • fishing lures/tackle
  • ammo
  • animal calls
  • hand/boot warmers
  • compass
  • weight lifting gloves
  • waterbottle
  • mini first aid kit
  • icepack
  • hand sanitizer
  • book
  • book light
  • coffee mug
  • travel mug
  • keychain
  • key covers
  • desk supplies
  • lighter
  • cigars
  • bottle opener
  • shot glass
  • mini bottles of booze
  • koozies
  • ornament for tree
  • mini photo book
  • lottery tickets
  • lint roller
  • bungee cords
  • sports cards
  • collector coins
  • novelty ice trays
  • mini lego kits
  • back scratcher
  • hot chocolate packets
  • "open when" letters
  • massage oil
  • personal coupons

What do you think of this list?  What are some other ideas that you have for a man's stocking?



  1. That's a huge list! I find it really hard shopping for guys, so this is such a great list of ideas :) Can't believe It's the 4th already! I've done nothing yet ;O

  2. Julie Tucker-WolekDecember 4, 2014 at 5:25 AM

    Ohhhhhh these are great ideas!!!!!

  3. I think guys are so much harder to shop for than women are! I've still got so much shopping to do too! The only person I have done is my mom! lol

  4. I've only got two presents so far! But we still have a bit of time luckily - although It's going to go quickly :O

  5. These are great ideas- totally gonna snag a few for my guy! He's so hard to shop for, but this list makes it easier. :)


  6. omg!! you outdid yourself! love this list!

  7. Oh yes! Thank you so much for this!

  8. Wow, great list!! Gonna keep these in mind for my husband and brothers :)


  9. Wow, great list! I'm going to have to refer to this later on. Socks and razors are staples in our family and don't tell him I told you so, but my boyfriend loves his loofahs haha

  10. haha!! Hey, at least he likes to be clean!! That's not a bad thing!

  11. Great list! I just made some stockings last night-- since we didn't have anything here in Indonesia. I have been trying to figure out what I should put in my husbands stocking. I may just print out this list and go to the store lol
    Melanie @

  12. hahaha! Go for it! I'm glad I could help ;-) I'm thinking about making my daughter fun stocking but we will see how much time I have. haha! That's cute that you made your husband's stocking, that just makes it ever more special, i think!

  13. These are really awesome ideas! Men are always difficult to shop for so I will for sure use some of your ideas :)

  14. Thanks so much! Glad I could give you a few ideas =)

  15. haha thanks so much Helene! I just tried to think of all the men in my family (along with my hubby) and wrote down all of their hobbies and this is what I ended up with. lol!

  16. haha Men are definitely the hardest on the shopping list. Glad I could make it a little easier for ya! ;-)