Sunday, December 14, 2014

DIY Keepsake ornament + more

This is another SUPER easy ornament idea.  If you've been around here for awhile you may remember me saying I'm a super sentimental person...and that I tend to save everything.  I kept my daughter's little hat and the bracelet from when we had her in the hospital and could never decide what I wanted to do with them.  I had them just sitting in a little shoe box for almost 2 years now.  So instead of leaving it in a box forever I decided that displaying it on our tree every year would be really cute!  Here's how I did it:

Step One: Take off the cap and start stuffing!

It really is just that easy.  Take off the little silver cap on the top and start pushing the hat through the open area at the top of the bulb.  I used the end of a paintbrush to push it all through.  It can get kind of tough at some points but just keep working with it.

Step Two: Add the bracelet

Once you have the hat all the way in the bulb, you can start feeding the bracelet through.  Cut it to the desired length or use the whole thing, up to you!  You can use tweezers to position it better if you don't like how it is laying inside of the bulb.

Step Three: Replace cap and add ribbon for hanging

After you get the bracelet in the the bulb you can replace the silver cap and cut a small piece of ribbon for hanging it on the tree.  Just knot it and you are all set!

AND THAT'S IT!!  Super easy, right?!  I loved the way it turned out, and it finally gives me a way to display just an adorable little keepsake.

I also did a few other super easy ornament tutorials if you want to check them out!!

Don't tell my hubby, but I've been painting some surprise ornaments for him for the tree.  He is a HUGE Star Wars/Comic Book nerd so here is what I've painted so far....   What do you think??
from top left: Yoda, Iron Man, C-3PO, Spiderman

I have a bunch more that I would like to do, but we will see what I have time to finish.

Hope you're having a great weekend!!



  1. Loveeeeeee the baby ornament and those for hubby are AMAZING!!!!!!!! I love them!!!!!!

  2. Thanks Julie!! I was really happy with the way that they all came out. I'm really excited to make more

  3. Super cute!! I love using ornaments as a way of displaying all the things we save and accumulate over the years. I'm the same way where I save everyyything so making ornaments out of those things would give them a place to be displayed!

    & I'm a sucker for that Mickey one :)

  4. Yoda! Awww... love all of those.

  5. So cute! The ones you painted look awesome- I love the Iron Man one!


  6. Thanks so much! I'm really happy with the way they all turned out. I'm thinking about buying a ton of clearance bulbs after Christmas and painting them for a Christmas craft show next year! lol It was so much fun!

  7. Yes, so glad to hear I'm not the only one! I'm so happy with how it turned out. It will be a lot of fun every year when we decorate the tree to see all of these different ornaments

  8. haha thanks so much! I just HAD to paint a Yoda one! lol! Darth Vader is in the making right now. lol

  9. Thank you so much! That's so nice of you to say! I'm sorry your Charlie Brown didn't work out too well. Did you use a white base coat first? That made a huge difference with mine!

  10. Thanks so much! I'm so happy with how they all turned out. I've been having so much fun making new bulbs

  11. Aww I love how your ornament turned out!! SO cute!!

  12. Thanks so much!! Eventually I would love to make all the ornaments on my tree but that will take me a few years, I'm sure. haha

  13. awww love this! i promised myself that next year, i want to have more ornaments with a more personalized feeling instead of just buying off shelf... this could be my project! :) <3 thanks for sharing!

    rhea @

  14. Such cute ornaments! Sentimental ones are the best and the ones you hand painted look amazing!

  15. Uh your painting skills are superb! I tried to do a charlie brown one... didn't work out.

    tattered to taylored