Wednesday, May 20, 2015



Feeling I'm typing this I still haven't finished my first cup o caffeine.  So if I seem delirious....sorry!

Reading If You're Not the One by Jemma Forte, it's about a woman who is not happy with her current path in life, when she is injured in an accident that leaves her in a coma.  While in the coma she is given the opportunity to see how her life might have been different if she had chosen a different path.  I just started it this morning and am enjoying it so far.  I've read a lot of books lately that have started strong but lost it halfway through so I'm hoping this won't be one of those.

Watching nothing at this exact moment but I got to watch the season finale of The Blacklist last night!  So good!  I don't know how I'm going to wait 4 months for the new season!  I'm not a patient girl. lol

Writing a billion emails and comments on other blogs.  I have a lot of catching up to do since my vacation!

Listening to my daughter sing song from Strawberry Shortcake to one of her stuffed animals.  She's the cutest, I can't handle it!

Wanting to get out to a pool sometime soon.  I love laying around soaking up the sun when it's nice out.  The wave pool near us opens this coming weekend so I may have to make some plans with my girls to go very soon.

Needing motivation to catch up!  I only left for a long weekend but I can't believe how behind I got with things!  It doesn't help that my brain is still in vacation mode either. lol

Hoping we have a nice weekend so we can have some people over for memorial day.  Right now the weather says it's not going to rain but you never know!

What have you been up to lately?

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  1. Girl I am sleepy too! Awwww I love that your daughter is singing to her stuffed animal!!! I hope you had an awesome vacation!!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  2. I love your update! I hope we get good weather for memorial day too!
    Melanie @

  3. Glad you are back! Hope you had a great vacay!!!!!

  4. It's so hard to get back into the zone after a vacation even if it's a short one. Sometimes I feel so behind and don't know where to start that I don't even want to bother and I just put on Netflix or something instead ha! So sweet about your daughter. It's the cutest when kids sing!

  5. Hahaha isn't it crazy how behind you can get after a blogging break? I feel like I miss out on so much! I hope the rain doesn't come your way for the weekend!

  6. being on vacation is amazing but coming back to reality after a vacation is the worst! I always feel so behind on everything! I wish vacations never ended :D