Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Life lately

Hello again everyone!!  We have had a lot going on in our household so I haven't been around much the past week.

My husband and I decided that it is best that I put in my two weeks notice at my job at the hospital.  I'm really disappointed that it didn't work out because I met a lot of really great people and most of the time I really did like the job..... but the schedule is a little too hard on all of us.  It's only part time, which is part of the problem.  It's hard trying to to scramble to find someone to watch our little one when my schedule is different every week.   And our main baby watcher just told us they can't anymore.  It also doesn't make sense for us to pay for daycare because I would be basically be working to pay the daycare. Soooo  last week I put in my notice.  On the bright side, I will get to spend more time with our daughter!!

My husband has also had a lot of craziness with work...  They have been laying off a bunch of people in his department.  We had to wait to make sure he was in the clear before I put in my notice.  Lucky for us, his job is safe... for now.

Who knows what May will bring us next?  I'm feeling hopeful that things will turn around.  I'm going to stay optimistic and just enjoy the summer with my loves and look forward to our mini vacation at the end of July!

Anyone have any tips for traveling with a 14 month old?? lol


  1. Totally understand why you had to leave ... and don't forget something for her to sleep in (we always traveled with Brookie's pack and play -- makes a great make shift crib!) :)

  2. I traveled alone with my son at 18 months on an airplane for a four hour flight. My biggest advice was to bring distractions, but only allow one at a time. That way when they get bored, you can pop a new one out and "Ooooh Shiny". I even purchased a few cheap toys so that he had stuff he had never seen before.