Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Come on VMA's, I'm disappointed!

Does anyone even watch the VMA's anymore?  If I'm going to be honest, I didn't actually watch it either.  I just cheat and look at the winners the next day and check out the fashion from the red carpet.  I must be getting old because I only knew a little over half of the winners....that's just sad.  And the fashions at the VMA's....well, I'll let you decide for yourself...

My favorites from the night

And then there is the "why, just why??" category
 Starting from the top left: 
Amber Rose- please put some clothes on
Solange- Are you sure that isn't your date's outfit??  It looks at least 8 sizes too big
Taylor Swift- Why? It's not as awful as the other ones but come on....just no!
Jeremy Scott- First off, he is one of the ones that I have no clue who he actually is... Secondly, you look like you are going to a 60s prom.  Stop it!
Bottom pics:
Common- It looks like you stole your top from the set of Star Trek.
Kardashian and Jenners- Just no...to all of it.  I'm pretty sure the one on the far right is wearing a satin bathrobe??

And then there were all of the lace dress catastrophes..
Rita Volk  |  Alexandra Shipp  |  Katie Stevens

Okay, this one is just a little funny.  Katy Perry was challenged by Britney Spears to do an impression...so she copied Britney's huge "fashion don't" when she showed up on the red carpet with Justin Timberlake in matching blue jean outfits....so that's a little funny.

What did you think of the VMA fashions??  Do you still watch the VMAs??


  1. Brian was watching a little bit of it ... so I caught a few segments ... I don't get into the award shows as much as I used to :( A lot of the TV shows on the Emmy's are cable channels I don't have, so I have never seen them ... I did catch the "in memory" last night on the Emmy's though .. the bit about Robin Williams made me cry like a baby :(

    That is HILARIOUS about Katy Perry ... I LOVE that girl!!!!! :)

    1. I used to be really into the award shows too but now I just read the recaps the next day. haha! That and the people I want to win, never do!! Makes me mad!! I haven't watched the Robin Williams tribute video yet because I know it's going to make me cry.

  2. I didn't watch it either. I just googled the performance, lol! Your choice of best and worst dress are spot on! I hated Taylor Swift's romper. It looked like she's missing some pants or something, just no. I found Katy Perry funny though.

    1. haha thanks!! And YES, Taylor Swift definitely needs pants or something. She's usually so "on" when it comes to fashion. Once I read about Katy Perry's challenge I completely understood the dress. At first I was like, did she steal that from Britney Spears' closet?? lol

  3. Adam levine said it best a few years ago with something like "the one night MTV pretends to actually care about music...F@!# MTV". lol, sadly agree. I stopped watching a long time ago. Now the highlights will do just fine and I will keep the crudeness at bay.

    1. I completely agree! My husband and I have had the same conversation. When we were in high school MTV was all about music and now I don't even know what it's about....reality shows maybe?? It's sad