Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My life from A to Z

A- Art has always been a huge passion of mine.  I love to create
B- I have never been much of a "Breakfast food" person.
C- I have a Cat named "Momma's Boy" aka "Handsome"
D- My Daughter's name is Paige and she is almost a year and a half old
E- I'm one of those crazy people that actually enjoy Exercising
F- I have a HUGE Fear of needles
G- My hubby and I went to Cozumel and the Grand Cayman Islands on our honeymoon
H- My Husband's name is Chris and he's pretty much the best guy ever
I- My first crush ever was Indiana Jones.  True story
J- My favorite piece of Jewelry is my wedding ring
K- I'm convinced that my daughter's Kisses have a magical de-stressing power
L- We Laugh all day long in this house.  It's what we do.
M- I was lucky enough to Marry my best friend 4 years ago
N- Number of siblings I have: 7.  Yeah, I'm one of 8!  Craziness
O- I wish I was more of an Optimist.
P- Purple is my favorite color
Q- I enjoy my Quiet time.  After the baby falls asleep, I sit in silence for a while to unwind
R- My all time favorite movie ever is Robin Hood: Men In Tights.  Judge away....still love it!
S- Strawberries are my "happy food"
T- I have 3 Tattoos. A moon and star on my shoulder blade, clover on my wrist, and stars on my hips
U- I like to feel Useful.  I'm not one of those people that can sit back and let people do things for me.  I like to help
V- When I was little, I always thought I wanted to be a Veterinarian, but then I realized I couldn't handle seeing animals in pain.
W- I am a huge Worrier.  I have made up scenarios in my head that I worry about that are never going to happen.  No wonder my hair is already turning gray....yeesh
X-  I've only had one X-ray for a broken bone, but a ton on my teeth
Y- I say Yes way too often.  I need to learn how to tell people no.
Z-  I have mixed feelings about Zoos.  I get excited to see animals and love that they are safe and fed, but I sad that they can't run more.


  1. great post.. nice to know.
    7 siblings.. wow.

    1. Yeah, I've got lots of them! lol 1 brother, 3 half sisters, 2 step brothers, and 1 step sister. Craziness!