Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Emmy awards fashion recap

I am happy to say that the fashion choices at the Emmy Awards on Monday night were MUCH better than Sunday's VMA's.  There were a lot more dresses that I liked rather than disliked.  I had a hard time coming up with a dislike list!

Unfortunately, I didn't even know half of the shows that were nominated.  I have yet to see any episodes of American Horror Story, Orange is the new black, Breaking Bad, Sherlock, or Fargo..... and apparently I am missing out!  Do any of you watch these shows??  What do you think?  What one should I start with?

Anyway, onto the fun stuff.  Red carpet Fashion!!  I absolutely LOVED these dresses.
 from top left: Amy Poehler, Alexandra Daddario, Lucy Liu, Debra Messing  
Bottom row: Hayden Panettiere, Halle Berry, Camilla Alves

These were the only dresses that made my worst dressed list.  
Lena Dunham, Laura Prepton, Sarah Paulson

Lena Dunham's dress reminds me of cotton candy...but not in a good way.  I'm confused, is that top part of the dress or did she decide to pair that with the bottom.  Was this another one of her jokes??
Laura Prepton - It really isn't too bad until you look at that "collar"...flap? Whatever you want to call it.  It probably would have been a cute dress without that added "flair"
Sarah Paulson's dress looks like something you would have seen Beletrix LeStrange wearing in Harry Potter.  Or something straight from a Tim Burton movie... is it weird that part of me kind of likes it??

Who were your picks for best/worst dress??  Do you agree with my picks?


  1. LOVE EMMY's!!! I love that we both picked Halle and Hayden, I can't even believe how much they rocked it!! AGH! For some reason I didn't even see Amy Poehler's, her dress is amazing!!!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by! I would love for you to link up with my Tuesday Fashion Linkup, InDuffinitely Tremendous Tuesday, if you can!!!

    Hugs! Amber

    1. I would love to link up with you on Tuesday, thanks so much for the invite! Amy Poehler's was probably my absolute favorite. Funny girl goes glam. LOL!

  2. Love seeing all the pretty Emmy looks! So disappointed in Laura Prepon, she's gorgeous but that dress is yuck. hee. ...So, I say start with Breaking Bad! Orange is the New Black is great too!
    Dawn Lucy

    1. Normally Laura Prepton looks amazing, so I was a little disappointed too. She is crazy gorgeous! Those 2 shows are definitely one my list and I'm pretty sure both are on Netflix so that's awesome. haha

  3. Totally agree with your worst dressed list. I loved Sarah Hyland's look!

    1. Sarah Hyland did look great!! I LOVED the green gown she wore last year to the Emmly's. So beautiful!

  4. You see, I loooooooved Sarah's dress!! I thought it was so funky and different but still classy...also it went with the character she played in American Horror Story (a witch) LOL

    GREAT roundup!!!

    If you like spooky shows watch American Horror Story -Coven, Breaking Bad is amazing, and so is ORITNB

  5. I don't watch any of those shows either! LOL!! Must be a Julie thing *wink* :) I loveeee the dresses you chose!!!!!!!

  6. I really love Halle & Camilla's looks-just stunning!! Great picks & I agree with your worst dressed list.

  7. Lena Dunham's dress was just insane..