Tuesday, November 4, 2014

20 ways to make him feel special

  1. Write him a love note and hide it somewhere he will find it (wallet, computer, briefcase, etc.)
  2. Surprise him with a gift. It doesn't have to be something expensive, it could be something that you made for him yourself, or just his favorite drink/snack!
  3. Compliment him. - Do you think he has killer eyes? Or do his strong arms make you melt??  Tell him!  You aren't the only one that loves compliments
  4. Give him guilt-free time with his friends or to work on his hobbies
  5. Lighten his load.  Is there anything you can do to help him out?  Clean out the garage, organize his desk, wash his car, etc.
  6. Dress up for him for no reason.  After being with someone for a long time one of the major perks is that you don't always have to look your best, but sometimes we take it a bit too far maybe?  Get all dolled up for him like you would for your first date!
  7. Encourage him and support his dreams
  8. Make his favorite food.  My grandma believes that the quickest way to a man's heart is his stomach.... and she was married for over 50 years to the same man.  She might know what she's talking about!
  9. Praise him in front of his family and friends.  Who doesn't like being bragged about?
  10. Kiss him as soon as he comes in the door and every morning before he leaves
  11. Play songs that are special to you as a couple from when you were dating
  12. Plan a fun day for just the two of you.  Nothing makes a man more crazy then the indecision of figuring out something to do, especially when our response is usually " I don't care".  Instead of making him figure it out plan something you know he will love.  Is your guy an outdoorsy man?  Rent some bikes or go for a hike.  Is he a sports man??  Take him to see a sports game.
  13. Give him a massage after a hard day
  14. Sit on his lap.  Sometimes guy's like a good snuggle too!
  15. Hold his hand.  This one may seem silly, but when you reach over and take his hand it is a great way to connect even if you aren't talking
  16. Give him ALL of your attention.  Put down your computer/phone while he's talking to you and actually look him in the eyes.  Listen to what he has to say without interrupting.  
  17. Choose the sexy pajamas over the comfy flannels jammys sometimes.
  18. Flirt with him in public.  It shows him that you are just as crazy about him as you always have been
  19. Bring him breakfast in bed.  Come on, you know he's done it for you.  Return the favor!
  20. Have supper going so the house smells great when he walks in.
What are some ways that you make your man/woman feel special??


  1. I LOVE THIS! These are such good reminders and they're all so easy to do. Most of them are things I have done but maybe not recently. I'm gonna get on that. But seriously... do I have to choose the sexy PJs? I just want to wear the big tshirt and baggy sweats.

  2. Julie Tucker-WolekNovember 4, 2014 at 4:21 AM

    Love love love this!!!!

  3. Great tips, babe! :)


  4. These are soooooo good and soooo true!

  5. Thank you Claire! hahaha wellll no you probably don't have to ditch the comfy sleepwear. It's getting too cold for some of that sexy stuff! haha