Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My 10 favorite angsty girl songs from the 90's

Man, it was really hard to narrow this list down to just 10!  There were so many good ones from the 90's!  I have every single one of these on my ipod! haha!  I can't get enough of them.  Sometimes you just have to listen to angry girl music.  Here are my favorites:

1.  Alanis Morissette - "You Oughta Know" (1995)

2.  Natalie Imbruglia - "Torn" (1997)

3.  No Doubt - "Don't Speak" (1995)

4.  No Doubt - "Just a Girl" (1995)

5.  Meredith Brooks - "Bitch" (1997)

6.  Lisa Leob - "Stay" (1995)

7.  Tracy Chapman - "Give Me One Reason" (1995)

8.  Fiona Apple - "Shadowboxer" (1996)

9.  Sheryl Crow - "If It Makes You Happy" (1996)

10.  Jewel - "You Were Meant For Me" (1995)

What were some of your favorites from the 90's?  Who was your favorite "angry" female artist?


  1. I would say the ENTIRE Alanis Morissette album! LOL!!

  2. So true!! haha! I used to listen to that whole cd over and over again. Probably drove my mom NUTS!! LOL

  3. I love this post! It brings me back to middle school days! What great songs, huh?!? Thanks for sharing! I know what I'm now listening to today! :)

  4. 90s music was SO GOOD! I still listen to all of these all the time.

  5. Haha ohmygoodness this post is so great! I grew up listening to my parents' music and they definitely went through an Alanis phase! We used to clean the house to Jagged Little Pill. Oh I miss the '90's! Just all of the music. Good, bad, and in-between. XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  6. That's such a good album! I still listen to it all the time! I love Alanis! haha

  7. Omg, these bring back memories. Love this list, such classics! ~Cynthia

  8. haha thank you!! I knew I couldn't be the only one that still loved these!

  9. great picks! I was obsessed with no doubt to in the 90s! love gwen to this day!


  10. I still love her too! I was so excited when they said she was going to be on The Voice! lol

  11. Angsty 90s girls!!! Yay! #1 is probably one of my all time favorite "angry" songs.

  12. Ooooh girl, you are taking me back! And pretty sure I still know ALL the words from "Stay." That was my anthem! Haha. :)


  13. LOVE that song! I used to have my friend sing it all the time at karaoke (because I'm too much of a chicken).

  14. It is seriously the best angry song of all time, i think! haha!!