Tuesday, November 25, 2014

25+ Tall Girl Problems

I always see the lists of problems for short girls (or as my best friend says, "vertically challenged") and while I can see the frustrations; I've never seen a list for the tall girls like myself.  So I decided to make a list of the things that drive me super crazy about being tall.

//  All of the cute dresses that would be an appropriate length for other people, barely cover your butt.

//  You can't dry your clothes because you are afraid they will shorten/shrink

//  One size fits all??  Lies!

//  You have to buy all tops/dresses in a size bigger just so it reaches below your navel.  And then it's super baggy because you are also thin.  Boo!

//  The "awkward lean/knee bend" you have to do in photos so everyone is in the picture

//  Painting your toenails is a struggle because they are so far away

//  No adorable rompers unless you enjoy cameltoe

//  Long-sleeve shirts don't even make it to your wrist

//  Having to wear undershirts with everything

//  Not wanting to wear heels because you would be taller than your husband and look like a giant next to your girlfriends

//  Having to slow down when walking with your shorter friends because one of your strides is 3 of theirs

//  Boob-to-face hugs.  Always awkward..

//  You have bad posture from trying to appear shorter than you actually are

//  Not being able to cross your legs under a desk

//  Bathroom stalls that you can see over while standing, so you end up with really awkward eye contact...

//  Stretching and hitting your hands on the ceiling fan....yep, it's happened

//  Baths.  There is no way possible to cover your knees and chest at the same time!

//  Everyone says: "You must be really good at basketball".  Actually no, I'm not...but I'm REALLY good at soccer, so come here and let me kick you in the head.

//  The backache you get from stooping down to do dishes

//  Not being able to lay straight on your bed so your feet hang over, making them fair game for the monsters to get them.  True story

//  Trying to wash your hair when the shower head is lower than you

//  Trying to find a maxi dress that actually touches the ground

//  Cramped theater/airplane seats.  Do anyone's legs actually fit comfortably?

//  Yes, the weather is in fact the same "up here".  Thank you for asking

//  Not being able to swap clothes with friends

//  All shorts are "short shorts"

//  You hit your head on your friend's chandelier/light fixture ALL THE TIME

//  The hairdresser has to stand on a stool to cut your hair, even after lowering your chair as much as she could.  Don't judge me!  She was just under 5 foot tall!

Are there any other tall ladies out there?!  Did I miss any??


  1. Haha these are great! I'm not really tall {5'7-5'8ish} but my sister is 5'11 and she complains about many of these same things.

  2. I can totally relate my friend .. I am 5'9" ... and my biggest thing is .. how COME short people get to ask me to reach for something for them on the high shelves ... but they can't get something from the bottom shelf for me??? Ummmm, logic says, I am closer to the high items ... and you are closer to the lower items ... so we can't help each other out????

  3. haha I am 5'9" too! It's another one of those "Julie" things, i guess. lol! That drives me nuts too!! I forgot about that one

  4. haha! Yes, it is definitely a struggle ;-)

  5. Oh dear Lord I am DYING. I LOVE this list. Here is one. Everyone complains about needing their pants hemmed, you can never find any long enough!

    Haha! How tall are you? I am a hair over 5'10".

  6. YES! That is so true! And god forbid you throw them in the dryer! Then they turn into capris! lol I'm 5'9", maybe 5'10" if I stood up straighter! haha

  7. This post was too funny- I can sympathize with your tall girl pain, even though I'm short-ish (5'5). I played volleyball in school, and all my tall hitters would mention some of the same things! :)


  8. Haha what a funny list! I thought only short girls had it bad! 😜


  9. Thanks so much! I'm glad I could get a few laughs! =)

  10. Haha I love this list! I have short girl problems and alway wish I was a little taller. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side :)

  11. omg so freaking true!!!! I've always wanted to wear cute rompers or dresses but it's always a struggle to find something that won't show my butt when I bend lol. Too much! Everything is on point. I can't even enjoy my good high heels because I feel sorry for my partner lol. The struggle is real for us tall girls :P

  12. haha thanks!! I've always been so terrible at volleyball. I'm not sure why, but I just couldn't do it. lol! I was a soccer girl.

  13. haha yeah, that is definitely true too! I always wanted to be just a little shorter but I bet if I was I would be frustrated when I couldn't reach things without standing on something.

  14. hahaha Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed my list and that you can relate. I definitely feel your pain with the high heels. Such a bummer!