Thursday, November 20, 2014

DIY: Open When... letters

I've been seeing these "Open When..." cards all over Pinterest and I think they are the cutest and sweetest idea ever!  My husband is the romantic type so I knew he would love this.  

For the people who have never heard of this; you basically create a bunch of different letters for the recipient to open at different times.  You can also fill the envelopes with momentos, memes, candy, anything!  I also made my own envelops just to make them more fun looking then plain old white ones.  

As I was starting this project I realized that my printer was out of ink so I was going to have to create everything by hand.  I was going to fill them with a billion memes and cute animal pictures, so this was a HUGE bummer!  But I guess in the end it made it more personal anyway.

I thought I would share what I filled some of my envelopes with to give you an idea on how to start your own.  Above each picture I will tell you the "topic" of the envelope, and below I will share what I put in mine and give you a few more ideas!

 Open when....

You want to know how much I love you
 Inside: A list of 100 reason why I love you, folded handprint craft: on the front it says "I love you" and inside "This much", Coupon (for whatever you want), love quotes, picture from our wedding day, a personal love letter

You Can't Sleep
 Inside: Hot tea bag, goodnight kisses, a relaxing photo of us at our favorite place, the beach, with a little note of the back

You are super bored
 Inside: here is where it started to get really tricky...I found all of these printouts online BUT my printer wasn't I made them by hand.  Excuse the sloppiness!  Mazes, puzzles, Crossword puzzle, Word search, Random facts

You want to feel like a Superhero
 My husband is a HUGE comic fan so this was a must!! lol!  Inside: I drew a picture of Spiderman and put his head on it, Spiderman mask, Superhero stickers, and a photo of memory of when he was my hero

You are feeling stressed
Inside: Bubble wrap with a note that says "Pop 3+ bubbles as needed", inspirational quotes, stress management tips, mini bottles of alcohol, Coupon for a free backrub, Hersey kisses

Here are a 15 more topic ideas:  Open when...
You need a confidence boost
You are mad at me
You are sick
You miss me
You feel sad
Things get tough
You are worried about the future
You want to know more about me
You're angry at the world
There is a zombie apocalypse
You're feeling naughty
 You need to feel appreciated
You're confused
You need a confidence booster
On special date/holiday/occasion

Have you ever made something like this?  If not, do you think you will give it a try?

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  1. This is great! I never know what to get David for Christmas so this may become part of his gift. Thanks for the idea! Your envelopes look great.

  2. Wow this is soo cute! How long did it take you to make this?!

  3. Thanks so much!! It took a LONG time. haha! I worked on these for probably 2 weeks. It was worth it tho because he LOVED them

  4. Thank you so much!! I've been thinking about doing more of them for Christmas in his stocking. We will see, I guess. They were such a hit that I think I will.

  5. What an AWESOME IDEA!!! I loveeeeeeeee them!!!!!!

  6. Thanks Julie! They were definitely a hit! He loved them!

  7. This is a fantabulous idea! I really want to do it.

  8. Thank you! He really liked it a lot so it was definitely worth the time I spent on it

  9. You definitely should! It was a lot of fun to make and he ended up loving it!

  10. What a cool idea! Love this!


  11. Thanks so much! I had a lot of fun making it.... I'm even thinking about making more for his stocking on Christmas. He loved them

  12. Haha I love the one with his head on Spiderman... I can't believe you did all of this by hand. You are amazing!! And this is a really good idea. I might make some and give them to my husband :D


  13. Thanks so much! You are so sweet! You should definitely give them a try. They were VERY time consuming but so worth it!

  14. Thank you! He absolutely love them! They were a lot of fun to make

  15. this is so cute! i'm so glad you entered my datevitation giveaway - it sounds like your husband would truly appreciate it!!

  16. I LOVE this idea! Such a great way to use a number of good ideas :)
    Do you mind if I share this on my own blog this week?? (doing a little gift-guide post for fun)

  17. This is so lovely :) Such a brilliant idea, and you've done it so well!

  18. this is the cutest idea ever - love this gift that keeps on giving!

  19. I would definitely give this a try! Such a great idea!

    xo, carli

  20. That would definitely be okay! Thank you so much!!

  21. Yeah, he is definitely the sentimental type so he would love those coupons too. Fingers crossed! lol!

  22. Thanks so much! It was definitely a lot of fun to make

  23. He absolutely loved it! He ended up opening them all within about 3 days because he was just so excited. haha

  24. You totally should! It was a lot of fun to make!

  25. He definitely loved them! It was a lot of fun to make. I say to still give it a try. You never know how much it could mean to him. =)

  26. These are great :)

  27. Wow, this is the sweetest thing. Such a lovely thing to give to someone, really shows the heart behind it (or even just write to yourself for when you'll need it most.) :)

  28. Thank you so much! I like the idea of writing them for yourself too, that's a really great idea!

  29. Wow sweetie, that is such a wonderful and caring idea. How much thought you've put into the project. Hubby must appreciate it a lot (at least i really hope so).

    Some of it would be great for a girl friend and you can even mix and match it with little gift cards, like let's say 10 bucks from Starbucks, saying that you're inviting her to have coffee with you. :)

    Loved this post!


    Luchessa @

  30. Thank you so much! He absolutely loved it, and it was sooo much fun to make!! I'm actually thinking about making him more for his stocking on Christmas! lol!

    And you are absolutely right, this would be perfect for a friend or any other family member too! I love the coffee date idea too!

  31. Aw this is so cute! I think all the handmade touches make this even better.

  32. These are so sweet! What a fun idea.

  33. I have been seeing these too and I've been meaning to create this but my partner has gotten over the romantic stage so I don't think it'll be of any good anymore :p But these are so adorable and the way that you hand written all of them is pure dedication. I am sure your husband will love those :)