Friday, February 6, 2015

Review: Valentia Even Glow Vitamin C Serum

As much as I would like to pretend that I didn't just turn thirty this past year, I have to face the facts:  I'm not getting any younger and neither is my skin.  I should have have taken better care of my skin when I was younger but I didn't.  One of my New Year's resolutions this year is to try to take better care of myself.  I've been exercising more, eating a lot healthier, and I even completely cut soda out of my diet.  Now I have to think of my skin too!

I wanted to find a product that was sort of a "multitasker".  I didn't want to have to spend a ton of time applying multiple products.  Valentia's Even Glow Vitamin C Serum has all of the things I was looking for in a face cream.

Here are the benefits of the Valentia Even Glow Vitamin C Serum, as listed on the Valentia site:

EVENS SKIN TONE: Vanquish dark spots and skin discoloration, replacing uneven and ill-textured skin with smooth, wrinkle-free skin that leaves you looking flawless and ageless.

INCREASES GLOW & RADIANCE: Revitalize your skin with essential fatty acids that leave skin smooth and radiant. Smooth skin capable of reflecting light will give your skin a youthful glow and a brilliant shine for that well-rested and refreshed look.

ABSORBS RAPIDLY: Moisturizes skin due to the capacity of the hyaluronic acid to absorb water, thereby increasing fluid between cells, giving your skin a smoother and younger appearance. This intense water absorption means no more dry, peeling or cracked skin, even in extreme weather.

BOOST COLLAGEN PRODUCTION: The presence of Organic Rosehip Seed oil increases collagen production so your skin retains the elasticity responsible for a youthful appearance and prevents skin sagging associated with aging. Enjoy smooth and supple skin that takes years off your appearance.

REDUCES WRINKLES & FINE LINES: Reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles with the help of our foundation 20 % Vitamin C. Special ingredients such us Sea Buckthorn oil plump up the skin, which reduces fine lines and wrinkles in the skin so it is smoother, clearer and younger.

I have been using it for almost a week now and I have to say that I am pretty happy with the results.  Even after the first time I applied it, I noticed my skin was a lot softer and more radiant.  It covers with just the smallest amount of product and doesn't leave an oily residue afterwards.  It only took a couple seconds to absorb into my skin and dry.  After that you can apply your makeup as you normally would.

I am a person that is very sensitive to smells so I was a little nervous about what the smell would be like, but it was actually a very light, refreshing orange smell.

As for fine lines and wrinkles, I've only noticed a little bit of a difference, but like I said, I've only been using it for a little less than a week.  I have noticed slight results around my eyes and forehead already.

I have to admit that I don't know too much about the benefits of natural ingredients but I found this really helpful list on Valentia's website, just in case you are curious about some of the ingredients:

Skin Super Oils

Sea Buckthorn Oil and Rosehip Seed Oil

These oils work in tandem to promote skin hydration and then lock in moisture. When combined with Vitamin C, all three ingredients exist harmoniously to combat free radicals, protecting your skin from future signs of aging to prmote more beautiful, youthful looking skin.

Additional Ingredients:

Resistem (Plant Stem Cells)
– Protects against stress-related aging while promoting skin detoxification. A French study has demonstrated that Resistem improves dullness of the skin 67% when applied in comparison to a placebo, also reducing skin inflammation by 23% after just two short months. This means that your skin will regenerate more quickly as it is protected against environmental stressors in a gentle, sensitive manner.

Hyaluronic Acid (Botanical) – Allows your skin to retain more moisture than before while simultaneously increasing elasticity and firmness. The Journal of Clinical Aesthetic Dermatology conducted a study with 15 female volunteers ages 35 to 65 to demonstrate the effects of Hyaluronic Acid. After only two short months of use, all 15 volunteers showed demonstrated improvement in skin rejuvenation.

Green Tea: The catechins contained in green tea are a potent antioxidant which also contribute to the overall anti-inflammrtory, and anti-irritant benefits of this ancient health and beauty secret.

Protect your skin and combat wrinkles and uneven skin tone with a natural daily serum.

Specifically formulated as a very potent antioxidant treatment for all skin types, a solution to counter the ill effects of environmental stress and aging, our Even Glow Serum can help.

Have you ever tried this product?  What's your favorite facial product?

* I recieved a free product of Valentia Even Glow Serum for review from Brandbacker, however all opinions are my own.*

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  1. Julie Tucker-WolekFebruary 6, 2015 at 4:16 AM

    I am going to have to look into this!!!!

  2. Ooh this sounds interesting. I haven't tried any products like this. I've been focusing on taking better care of myself over the last year or so. I'm in my late 20s now and can't get away with some things anymore! Skin is a big one for me and I'm hoping to invest in some great products this year. I'll have to check this out!

  3. I really love it! It's very gentle and has such a great refreshing scent

  4. I would definitely recommend this one. I haven't tried too many products myself, and I know I should have started taking care of my skin way earlier but hopefully I can start now!

  5. This sounds interesting and it seems like there are a lot of great ingredients in it! Less than a week and you're already seeing results?! That's fantastic!

  6. This looks like a great product! I may have to check this out!
    Melanie @

  7. I really enjoy serums, just because my skin is so dry all the time! This sounds like an awesome one with great ingredients. I've been all about skincare products for a while! When I was 11 I started using cleanser, toner, and moisturizer and now I've added eye cream and serum. Maybe that's why people think I look like I'm 16 haha!

  8. Oh wow! I wish I would have been more like that. My skin isn't terrible but I'm definitely starting to see lines around my eyes now that I'm thirty, so I'm glad I found this product.

  9. I am definitely a fan! I'm really happy with the results I've seen so far

  10. I know! I was so surprised to have notice results already. Nothing really big or anything but a subtle difference. I can't wait to see results after a month! I hoping it gets rid of or fades my "crow's feet" lines. I've always had them when I smile but they are getting more noticeable now

  11. I haven't heard of this one! My face has always been super dry, lots of redness, and VERY sensitive. I'm always afraid to try new products even though these skin problems are an everyday occurance. This one seems pretty great! If you keep using it, you should give us a little update in one of your normal posts. I'd love to hear if it's still working!

  12. Sounds like an awesome product! Thanks for the review!

  13. I'm loving it so far! I can't wait to see if it helps with some of these lines I'm getting near my eyes.

  14. I will definitely give an update after a month or so of using it and let you know what I think. So far I'm pretty happy with it.