Sunday, October 26, 2014

BLOGTOBER | Who'd play you in a movie version of your life?

This is actually a post that I published back in July but I thought I would reshare it for the Blogtober Challenge....with a few changes!

Have you ever been watching a movie and wondered, if there was a movie about my life who would play me??  I have, and it's not like I have an overly exciting life or anything...maybe I just have a crazy imagination

ME- Mila Kunis
We don't really look alike but we seem like we have very similar personalities (from her movies).  In a lot of her movies she is sort of the tomboyish girly girl, if that makes any sense.  She has a sarcastic sense of humor and isn't afraid to make fun of herself.

MY HUSBAND - Jason Statham
Because, why not?!  I mean, look at him!  But seriously, I have always thought that my hubby resembles him.  He doesn't have the sexy accent though.....but he can fake it!  In all of his movies he has a walk like he means business and so does my husband, Chris.  They both also know martial arts!

MY MOM - Goldie Hawn
Not only does my mom already sort of resemble her but she LOVES her.  My mom has a bubbly, goofy personality when you get to know her....and she's also very found of the "bling". haha!  My mom is always complimented on her smile and that's one of the things that Goldie Hawn is known for!

MY BFF - Zooey Deschanel
My best friend Nikki, is a lot like Zooey Deschanel from The New Girl.  When she gets nervous and/or drinks a little too much, she can not get herself to stop talking.  She rambles and talks so fast that you can barely understand her. lol. She's always optimistic and friendly, and is super gorgeous but doesn't know it or act like it.  Besides, who would not want to be friends with Zooey Deschanel?!?!

Do you look like any celebrities??  Who do you think would be cast in a movie about your life?

Helene in Between


  1. Great picks! I think Lisa Ludrow would play me! ;)


    Dawn Lucy

  2. Julie Tucker-WolekOctober 26, 2014 at 6:22 AM

    Great choices ... I would want Sandra Bullock!!!!! Though of course wayyyyyyyyyyyyy back in the day -- people told me I looked like "The Girlfriend from BIG" (((Elizabeth Perkins))) --- I don't think I do -- but back then -- I guess I could see it --- in that movie, she had HUGE BROWN CURLY HAIR ... and ummmmm back then, so did I!!! LOL!! Well ... I still have HUGE BROWN CURLY HAIR ... but you know ... lol :)

  3. I would want Sanaa Lathan to play me. We don't look alike but she is the right combo of spunky and chich to pull it off! LOL.

  4. I love Sandra Bullock! Love almost all of her movies. I can kind of see the resemblance to Elizabeth Perkins. She's super pretty too.

  5. I loved Lisa Kudrow in Friends!! She always made me laugh.

  6. I don't know, I can definitely see a resemblance! She has the same great skin tone as you!

  7. This is obviously the coolest concept ever. Now I'm going to think about it for the rest of the night!

  8. hahaha thanks!! If you do a post, make sure you let me know because I would love to see it!