Friday, October 24, 2014

Painting pumpkins!

Earlier this week I decided to FINALLY paint my pumpkins!  Yeah, I've really been a slacker this year!  Sometimes I decide to carve them and sometimes I paint them.  This year I wanted to make something for my daughter.  After she went to bed I sketched out this Minnie and Mickey design because she LOVES them.  When I finished it, I couldn't wait to show her in the morning!

Needless to say, she was a very happy girl in the morning!

I also painted a quick little owl pumpkin.  She is just as obsessed with owls as I am so I thought she would enjoy that too!  It's pretty sloppy but she could definitely tell what it was

Here is her little excited face when she got up in the morning...   excuse her bedhead, she was a sleepy girl. lol!  She kept screaming Meenee and KeeKee ( Minnie and Mickey) and Whoo whoo, for the owl.  She was a happy girl

Here are our pumpkins from previous years:

Jack and Sally from Nightmare before Christmas

aaaand I even painted a Nightmare Before Christmas pumpkin... I am a little obsessed. LOL

Did you carve or paint pumpkins this year??


  1. So cute I LOVE the Minnie Mickey one. My 3 year old would FLIP out!

  2. Thanks so much! My daughter definitely loved it! It made me so happy to see her little face light up.

  3. You've been busy!! I love them all, how sweet!

  4. So adorable! Really good!

  5. haha yeah, I'm always working on some sort of project around here. LOL Thank you!

  6. Gorgeous... I would do fun things like that for my Cupcake when she was little...the joy on their faces is so worth it!! Good mommy you are! Yes I carved Garfield pumpkins when my daughter was that age...she loved them. Haven't done any this year! This post brought back such fond memories!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. So adorable! Wow, all those pumpkin designs are incredibly cute!!

  8. Aww thank you!! Glad I could bring back some fun memories for you. I love creating new traditions and surprising my daughter with things.