Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Favorites- Father's Day Gift Ideas

Happy Friday everyone!!  It's almost the weekend!  Don't forget, Sunday is Father's Day, so make sure you have something for your dad, husband/child's dad, grandpa, whoever!!  In  the spirit of the holiday I thought I would share some of my favorite Father's Day DIY projects around the web.

I love all of these great ideas!  I have a few ideas to try too but I don't want to post what I'm doing until after Father's Day, just in case my hubby decides to snoop on the blog. haha!  Here is where you can find each one around the web:

Finger-painted stenciled canvas- Silhouette Blog

"I love you this much" Card - Day In My Life

Tie Rack- Poppies at Play


  1. These are so cute!! I love the jar full of peanuts- adorable!

    1. I thought the nut one was really cute too!! My husband loves peanuts so that probably would have worked for him