Monday, June 9, 2014

Kennywood Park, PA

I already crossed one thing off of my Summer Bucket List!  My husband and I went to our local amusement park called Kennywood Park!  My mom watched the baby for us because we decided she was still just a little too small to go.  Definitely next year though!  We ended up going on a double date with my sister and her girlfriend.  We all had so much fun!

(another no makeup photo...cringe)

I wish I would have taken more photos while we were there.  I actually had to steal this collage photo from my sister's instagram. (Thanks Tehya!!)

Kennywood Park is one of the oldest amusement parks in America!  A couple cool facts about the park:
  • Kennywood Park has been around since 1898!
  • The Original Racer was the world's largest racing coaster when it was built in 1910.  It was later torn down and replaced by Kiddie land.  They built the newer racer in 1927
  • When the Steel Phantom was built in 1991 it was the fastest coaster in the world (80+ mph) with the longest drop (225ft).

 Do you have any neat historic landmarks around your area??


  1. How fun!!! AZ is really too new (like state #48 or something like that!) ... so we don't have anything historic yet ... unless you count Tombstone (Wyatt Earp and all that jazz) down in Tuscon! :)

    1. I would LOVE to visit AZ one day! It looks so beautiful there, and I'm Native American so there is a lot of history for me there that I wouldn't mind visiting.

  2. Looks like you all had a blast!!!! Our local fun place is the beach and FSU during football season :)

    1. Oh how I wish there was a beach near us. I would make the best beach bum EVER! haha!